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Line up 2023

Headline Artists

Image of Black in White Band, a group renowned for their fusion of Goan folk music with elements of jazz, reggae, and pop, who will be performing live on 26th Aug 2023 at Goa Day London.

The final performance in UK of "Lorna, the Nightingale of Goa," an enchanting talent who had graced our stages with her mesmerising performances. As we bid adieu to Lorna, we prepared to usher in a new era of entertainment with "Black in White", currently India's most popular band. For the first time ever, UK audiences had the golden opportunity to experience their electrifying music live. Known for their captivating rhythms and soulful melodies, "Black in White" brought the heart and soul of Indian music to the UK. Audiences were swept off their feet by the vibrant soundscapes of "Black in White". It was an exhilarating journey with you which we plan to continue in all our future events.

The Acts

Special Appearance 

Promotional image of The Marley Experience on Showbiz Global's website for Goa Day London 2023. The band is captured mid-performance, bathed in vibrant stage lights. Lead singer, embodying Bob Marley with his iconic dreadlocks and guitar, passionately sings into the microphone. The band members in the backdrop harmonize, their faces alight with enthusiasm. Text overlay reads: 'The Marley Experience: Live at Goa Day London 2023'.

The Crowd

The Partners

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Charity Partners

We are proud to welcome back Anthony Nolan Trust in our support to them as our charity partner

Anthony Nolan saving lives of people with blood cancer

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