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Who we are 

We have organised events in India, UAE and UK. This was formed by Calvin several years back. We did our first outdoor event called Beat Show which attracted around 4000 people. Apart from music events, we also organised Moto Cross and Car Rally’s for 6 years which was sponsored by Castrol.

Since then we organised several Beat Shows in Goa, where the highest crowd recorded was well over 10,000 people. Besides this, we organised several small and large events at Kala Academy and Campal Stadium, Panaji. We had the privilege to work with artists like 13AD band from Cochin, Agni from Pune and Indus Creed Bombay. We also had Bollywood Singers like Mehnaz, Aishwarya and Baba Sehgal to name a few. Biggest credentials were when we assisted Government of Goa over 4 days Event at Miramar Beech for 100,000 people.

In UAE we assisted C&C Music Factory from USA in UAE for their Middle East Tour at Dubai Marina. We also assisted Bryan Adams Concert with Think Tank Promotions at Al Naser Stadium, Dubai. We have now successfully organised several small and large events in UK, last one being held at Cranford Community College in Aug 2022 which attracted audiences of 10,000.

To find out more please visit the Events Page.


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