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  • Diversity and Inclusion - Event open to all!!!
    We promote and encourage diversity and inclusion for all our events. Please do not expect all our staff to be able to speak Konkani Goan language and be respectful towards all our staff and organisers. We will not tolerate any kind of abuse, misbehaviours, based on sex/language/orientation/race/gender, colour, etc. We welcome all to enjoy the event and have fun. Everyone is welcome to come and experience the Goan culture, music and food at the event.
    Any misuse of substances will lead to ejection from the venue without further discussion. Please comply with our NO DRUGS POLICY.
  • Can I bring my own food and drink?
    Afraid it’s a no to food and alcohol but there are exceptions. We do provide an excellent & reasonably priced Street Food Market and licensed bar to keep you fed and watered throughout the day. However we understand the families with toddlers and children need to bring essentials and other health dietary exemption for medical reasons (Evidence needs to be provided). Formula milk, Baby food. Fruits for kids (reasonable portions)
  • What time does the event gate open?
    Entry to the event will start at 12:00 PM on each event date. Performances. begin from 1PM onwards... stalls open from 12PM onwards so there will be time for you grab a quick bite... We advise coming early to avoid the queues.
  • Can I bring my own chairs, tables and picnic blanket?
    Yes. Make yourself as comfortable as possible and bring your own folding/portable chairs and picnic blankets. It is sometimes necessary to have a marked out chair-free zone directly in front of the stage to allow room for dancing but we are sure you understand. But NO TENTS whatsoever.
  • Are there toilets on site?
    Yes of course – indeed, we have been described as providing the best outdoor toilet facilities of any outdoor event. Constantly attended by a team of toilet attendants, there are ample toilet facilities at Goa Day London and Bollywood Festival London events. This includes facilities for the disabled
  • Can I brings dogs and other pets?
    Only assistance dogs are allowed on site. Please bear in mind we have children running around that may be scared of the friendliest of pets!
  • Can I bring my camera?
    Of course you can. We also welcome you to share your photos and videos on our social media pages (Approval needed). Please refrain from photographing children that are not within your group. Commercial photographers / videographers will need to get in touch with us please reach out via the contact us page. Please respect other peoples privacy and limit the images to your own group and any children's images posted should have parental consent and the event organisers are not responsible for any social media posting which is not directly from our social media account. Any postings of the performance needs explicit approval from the event organisers and all content created the image rights for the event are owned by the organiser irrespective of the content being created by you we reserve the right to use any such approved content for future marketing purposes.
  • What is your food and drink policy?
    Please do NOT bring your own food and alcohol into the Arena. Reasonable options will also be available in the bars and at the stalls. Bags will be searched on arrival, any food or alcohol found will be confiscated and disposed. Exceptions All Baby/Toddler food Small Fruit and Snack boxes within reason for children (under 12’s) Strictly No large food hampers or large picnic boxes Food Intolerances Many of our food vendors are able to supply vegetarian & gluten free options. Please check with the vendors the organisers take no responsibility for any food related incidents and you will need to work with the vendor directly should there be any issues following the event. Those with extreme food intolerances/allergies, You are responsible to discuss with the vendor prior to placing the order. Showbiz Global Limited does provide a fully licensed bar and excellent catering facilities at reasonable prices:- Pub in the Park – A wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. inc Lager, Cider, Spirits, wine and local ale. Street Food Market – with a wide range of global street food (see social media posts before event for full line up)
  • What about Alcohol?
    YOU MUST BE 18 OR OVER TO PURCHASE ALCOHOLIC DRINKS Showbiz Global Ltd. operates the Challenge 25 policy. If you look under 25 please do not be offended if we ask you for proof of age when you buy alcohol. Please bring proof of ID to show you are over 25. Do not buy alcohol for persons under the age of 18 – if you do you risk being ejected from the event and reported to the authorities. All bars are operating are Cash/Card Payments, but technology sometime does not work so don't expect card payments will always work. PLEASE REMEMBER Please drink responsibly. Alcohol will dehydrate you, pace yourself and top up with water or soft drinks. Drinking and driving is an offence. Don’t risk the life of yourself and others. Strictly NO DRINKS will be allowed outside the venue so if you are asked to dispose off any remaining alcohol please do not be offended and comply with our security staff..
  • Is there re-entry to the venue?
    There is a strict no re-entry policy on the day. Doors are open from 12 pm – 8 pm and last entry is strictly at 7 pm for all ticket holders.
  • Is there car parking available on-site?
    There will be car parking (Up to 1000 spaces on first come first serve basis) available on-site and there is a parking fees of £5 per day for 1 Car. As there is alcohol served on premise we request anyone driving to have a designated driver and get home safely. The site has good public transport if you are looking for alternatives. Cars parked for the event are at the owners discretion and the event organisers, venue provider and parking wardens are not responsible for any loss/theft/damages.
  • What security measures do you have at the event?
    Event has been reviewed and approved by the Hounslow licensing and SAG committee. We have SIA approved security staff and event stewards and wardens operating at the venue and in the vicinity off the venue to assist the event goers a safe entry/exit to the venue. The organisers will also request all event-goers to submit for a bag search, metal detector wand over and if needed a pat down search as requested by the security staff. All cars parked at the venue will have to get the car boots checked. We request everyone to comply with the set procedure and any objections to this will result in no-entry to the event. For added safety of the event goers, organiser, vendors and staff we are operating a CCTV coverage which will be provided to the relevant authorities in case of any legal representation being made which mandates us to provide the recordings in an unaltered format and the footage will be held up to 14 days prior to deletion with no recourse to restore this.
  • What happens in case of any incidents during the event?
    WE HAVE A NO ABUSE POLICY Any abusive misbehaviour towards organisers, staff, vendors and other at the venue will be dealt with by our security staff and could potentially lead to ejection from the venue and possible prosecution should there be a complaint put forward to the authorities. We have first aiders available on site and police authorities who also operate at the venue including sniffer dogs. Please comply with any requests by the police authorities as they deem fit.
  • Do you allow smoking?
    There is a strict no smoking policy and you are only allowed to smoke in designated smoking areas.
  • Will there be taxis and licensed minicabs at the venue?
    There will be a designated area for licensed cabs and taxis. Which are pre-booked by you and can be availed at the designated area at the venue which is located inside the main entrance of the venue which will be sign posted. You will need to notify our security staff with the booking confirmation and be ready to board the cab/taxi at the designated pickup point to allow access to the licensed cabs and taxis into the venue. All food and drinks need to be disposed off prior to boarding the cabs/taxis.
  • What would happen should there be adverse weather conditions?
    The event will go ahead rain or shine. We strongly recommend that you review the weather conditions as published by local weather news for the venue and please come prepared with clothing appropriate for the weather condition.
  • Right to entry
    The management reserves the right to allow or refuse entry and no refunds will be made, regardless if you have a valid ticket for safety reasons.
  • How do I get to the music event site?
    There is public transport available to the front of the gates of Cranford Community College you can either take BUS Route 105 or H28 Alternatively you can avail the car park to the event using the post code: TW5 9PD The parking at the event is paid for and you can purchase car parking in advance while booking your tickets.
  • How do I use my tickets?
    Please Print or Download your E-Tickets to mobile devices, ready to show at gate & swap for event wristbands.
  • I can't find my tickets
    Dont Panic! We have this….!! Before you message us please check Spam/Promo/Junk folders – If you still can’t find please email > Please Add event location, ticket type & your ENSURE you use or quote the email address you purchased the tickets with – this is a common user mistake.
  • Its festival day and I have lost my tickets, what do I do?
    If it’s the festival day and you don’t have your tickets then a ‘last ditch’ lifeline is available at the festival door. We will usually be able to check you in manually (without the barcodes on your tickets) providing we can find your booking on the system. We may need to ask you security questions, such as the email you purchased the tickets with – or – last 4 digits of the card you paid with to confirm the booking. Everyone who you are holding tickets for should be present if you do this.
  • Can I transfer tickets to another festival?
    No, we cannot transfer your tickets between festivals. All festivals are run independently. Your tickets will ONLY be valid for the venue and date for which they were purchased. If you have accidentally booked tickets for the wrong event you can pass on the tickets to friends/family but no refunds possible.
  • Can I resell my tickets?
    Its a polite no, you can transfer the tickets to friends/family if you are unable to attend.
  • Can I have a refund?
    Unfortunately all Event Tickets are non-refundable. Feel free to pass ticket/s on to friends or family.
  • Do children need a ticket?
    Under 5’s are FREE Young folks are welcome and there are tickets available for 6-15 years at discounted rates £5 per ticket.
  • What do I get with the VIP tickets?
    VIP tickets give you access to prime viewing of stage seating area along with the following: Fast track Entry Free Parking Prime viewing Seated tables 1 meal per ticket 5 Drinks per ticket White glove service
  • How many free tickets can I purchase for the front line staff offer?
    Each frontline worker is entitled to 2 free tickets per frontline employee. You will need to provide proof of your employment as front line staff so please sure ensure you bring your ID with you. Each ID will entitle 2 free entry. If you have purchased more free tickets and can only provide proof for 2 free entries the other ticket holders will need to purchase tickets on the day. Prices for the tickets on the day will be higher than the early bird offer so please bear this in mind.
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